Yumsters! 2

Yumsters! 2

A game where you will help yumsters to earn money eating their favorite fruits

Yumsters! 2 is a game where you will help yumsters to eat their favorite fruits. You will have to guide them so that they can eat the fruits that match their colors. Fruits will fall into their place on the board, and you will need to connect them with the corresponding yumster so that they can eat the fruits before all spaces become occupied. If that happens, the game will be over.

Yumsters will enter the board using one of the six holes in it. You need to move them to the nearest fruit, and if it matches their color they will begin to eat it. They will not be able to cross over fruits with other colors or over other yumsters, so you will need to switch yumsters between holes looking for fruits they can eat. As you go through the different levels, new features will appear, such as “the commander”, who will increase the other yumsters’ eating speed when not hungry. You will also come across special bonuses that you will have to catch to benefit from them.

Note that the provided download link refers to an installer, not the real game. When launched, the installer will download it for you. The unregistered version of the game will let you play for sixty minutes. In brief, Yumsters! 2 is a colorful and funny game that will keep you amused for hours.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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